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My Bad Sister @ BoomTown Fair, 10-13th August 2017. Hampshire UK

Easily one of the best festivals in the UK. This is our fifth year playing at Boomtown. Come and find us in the colourful district of Barrio Loco on the Poco Loco stage at 11pm on Thursday night.

Boomtown is fuckin massive!

A rave city that will blow your socks off. If you haven’t been yet ur missin out, but hurry cos it always sells out fast.

Big shout outs to all The Boomtown Fam. Make sure you catch this lot: SoomT, Aires, Kelvin373, Stivs, Vandal, Beans On Toast, Barbarella’s Bang Bang, Galak Spiritual, Jus Now, Ocean Wisdom, Jam Baxter, Dirty Dike, Garage Girls, Dert Bagginz, The Red Rash Inn, Gypsy Unit, Pyratrix Circus, Off me nut Takeover, Chip Butty Takeover, Allan huge Shame, Gardna, Jacky Murda to name a few.

This is the 3rd time we have played on the Pocoloco stage. 2015 we played with Chester P and Pyratrix Circus with our production of Alice In Wasteland and if you were there you will know it went off!

Our rave fam started this festival and this year will be very special for us as we will be dedicating our show to the much missed Josh Knotty who not only was one of the founders of the festival,  he also was our music producer, brother and husband.








BoomTown Fair 10th-13 August 2017
Winchester, Hampshire UK »
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Come and pay your respects and hear our set of 100% Knotty bass beats. RIP VIP Josh Knotty23.

We call it a Cabarave!

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