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MBS Fuck Brexit & Festival Fever Tour 2017. Our story this season Pt.1

Fuck! What a season we had this summer. We started and finished with our 2 fave festivals. Read on to find out which ones we’re rating and which ones we’re slating!


April 2017 / Portugal

Seriously, consider saving up for a plane ticket and go visit the beautiful country that is Portugal where you can rave it up with loads of safe travellers from all over the world. In beautiful surroundings you might find us cuttin shapes in the Funky Beats Bar (24hrs of music for 4 days) or doing a show on the massive Dragon Stage (50k of sound).

You can take ur dog, swim in the lake and get some serious bass therapy whilst enjoying a truly free environment. Meaning NO fences, NO inSecurity and NO Access All Arsehole passes.

We welcomed IRD soundsystem this year with Silver Bullet badgal, Hayley, who programmed an open mic & dj lineup on their renowned pirate ship stage. It was sounding heavy so if your keen to play out then thats somewhere you might wanna head to. Don’t forget to bring some rum tho!

We wanna give a big shoutout to Oliver Pooley for his continued dedication in capturing the greatest moments at all the best events every season. He truley is the sickest  festival photographer & video maker on the scene because he never misses an opportunity to get in there and grab that footage, even on day 4 after no sleep! Check out his amazing work here:

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MBS Records Presents R.A.V.E

April 2017 / UK

What a banger of a London club night (not blowing our own trumpet). The lineup flowed perfectly starting hip hop with our main girls MINX & Holly Flo Lightly with a surprise  guest appearance from the Freshrs. We Performed our new album Resist Against Violent Enterprise which we are releasing tracks from soon. Produced by HardcoreDiscoJungleTechno badman Dangermarc.

Bigups to the badgal Detrivore, a young producer who rinsed it with her experimental bass music. Then Deptford’s own Matrona blasted out an Industrial techno set. DnB from Benny B-sides & Clappers Priest. Then 2 hours of beefy rollers delivered by Rough Tempo resident Gaz Serkus. Check us out with Gaz here »

A big thankyou to MCs, Saratonin, Jago and Galak Spiritual. Look out for another R.A.V.E night comin to you in South East London (the ends) soon. And bigups to Georgie Granger (GGGphotography) for the event pics.


Kulture Edge

May 2017 / France

Creepy but cool venue an old abattoir in the countryside. Excellent sound stage n lights. We had Bosslady on the decks and were supported by Dubmatix & Jman who we got propa baked with backstage (lol). Check us out gettin our twerk on with Bosslady on the decks.

All our french tour pics are by Picturaline our good friend and photographer/videomaker from Toulouse.

Watch a snippet on Facebook or listen to the full recording MBS Live in Lyon 2017 on Soundcloud »

Shindig Weekender

May 2017 / UK

Shindig is a beautiful family festival. It was nice to hang out with our Pyratrix Circus crew. Our old pals The Correspondents headlined, and our even older pal Sam (and the Womp) who played on the Naughtylicious stage with us. It was also sick to check out our Deptford mate Oracy who ripped up the hip hop stage in the woods, check her out.

Photography by Emma Joanne. Emma came to some our biggest UK festival gigs, she is One Talented Sister!

Balter Festival

June 2017 / UK

Wow Balter is a banger! If u like a perfect sized festy with heaps of ravers, breakore, big speakers n plenty of bass then Balter is the one for you, there was bare Bristol Banter at Balter. A friendly n Dutty festival experience brought to you from the West Country’s Rave Royalty. We performed on the Sika skate ramp stage and it went off!

This was just the start of our summer. Watch out for our next blog post, Italy, Czech, Holland and UK.

We call it a Cabarave!

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