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MBS Fuck Brexit & Festival Fever Tour 2017. Our story this season Pt.2

By the end of June we were still buzzing off a fab Freekuency, a shimmery Shindig and a banger at Balter. Now we were getting ready to hit Roma!

La Roboterie

June 2017 / Rome / Italy

La Roboterie is a crew that have got it seriously going on. They only do parties in the coolest gaffs, so we were chuffed to bits to be headlining their Rome Pride party in an old forte, which happens to be one of the largest and oldest squats in Europe. We partied all night and all day, standard, with the lushest crew of the sexiest gays ever! The journey back to the airport was a highlight of our summer, we hitched a lift on the back of an arctic truck complete with 5k rig, a 7ft tall pink robot and a bunch of ravers that obviously hadn’t had a wink of sleep. What a perfect way to end our totally fabulous Pride weekend in Rome. La Roboterie »   The End is Near Clothing »

Check out the video here »

Acid Techno Pioneers Camp

June 2017 / Czech Republic

We didn’t do Glastonbury this year because we were booked to headline a festival in Czech. We have never played in Czech before so it was an offer we couldn’t refuse, even though we were sad not to be in Pilton with our Unfairground crew.

We took Dangermarc with us so we could play out our new un-released album R.A.V.E (Resist Against Violent Enterprise). The festival was set in the beautiful Czech countryside about 2 hours drive from Prague city centre. We only had to read the title to know it was gonna be an indurance test for us, especially when we realised our chalet, equipped with bunk beds, was only a small stone throw away from the main rig, so 4 days of non stop vibrating acid techno with our mad bastard producer Dangermarc and Jack Lamont, with nothing to eat apart from, well you can imagine. It was an experience to say the least.

Loads of acid and a new tattoo later. What a mad weekend! We were one of the only acts at the festival that wasn’t playing acid techno, so we were a little apprehensive, but of course they ate it up… don’t think they were too keen on the jump up DnB we were playing on our mirings back in the chalet

The highlight for us was meeting some new pals. Big shoutouts to Sterling Moss, Cyber Simon, who played the best set of the weekend, Yana, Layla, Stevie Bean, who played some sick DnB, then got shut down by self proclaimed techno warrior, Khandra, who runs the festy, but did book us so she’s obviously not too strict, and bad girl sistrin Bassbaras who took us back to her place after the weekend, in her vintage motor, where we carried on the tekno carnage for the next 3 days! yea thats right we went in…

Oh and we met a wild mountain goat, for real! Acid Techno Pioneers – Khandra Sound »

Piratta Rebella

July 2017 / Uterecht / Holland

After having a sick time performing at ADM festival just outside Amsterdam last October, we were really excited to return to Holland, this time we were heading to Utrecht, to headline an all female lineup at Piratta Rebella. Squats n Trucks is how this lot roll so we felt right at home.

Bigups to all the artists, activists and anarchists involved. And a massive shoutout to our sistrins, Bootsale, an all girl 3 piece punk band from Brighton who joined us being the only UK acts there. Piratta Rebella »


People’s Day

July 2017 / Mountsfield Park, SE London (The Ends) UK

Lewisham People’s Day was an absolute south London banger of a free festival, thats how we do. We were booked to play on the Dance For Life Stage which showcased some of south London’s finest underground acts.

We were really feeling the love from the crowd, especially when we dropped Josh Knotty banger Phat Bottomed Girls and got our twerk on… Nice one Lewisham we love you <3

Big shout out to MC Ishu for joining us on stage, Afrikan Boy for being a total gentleman backstage and to our mum n dad for coming south of the river to catch our show.

Check out a clip of us performing at Lewisham People’s Day on YouTube »

Monis Rache Festival

July 2017 / Germany

Monis Rache is a sick underground festy and we were chuffed to be headlining the BassFloor stage this year. It took place in an old military base called Tutow. The Bassfloor venue was a dilapidated gas station and we performed on top of a car, yeah really!

One of the best audiences we’ve had all summer they were lapping it up… danke schön. Monis Rache »


All this and it was still only July – Watch out for our next blog post, UK, France, Germany & Italy.

We call it a Cabarave!

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