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Watch Your Style / The first video from our new album / Resist Against Violent Enterprise

Our new video is a corker / Your Style featuring Mike Wiley is a Danger Marc reggaeton, pop production with some serious MBS attitude / Starring Seann Miley Moore.

Your Style is the first video release from our new album ‘Resist Against Violent Enterprise’, a collaboration with underground rave producer Danger Marc. We have 3 more video singles from the album on the way so keep an eye out. Resist Against Violent Enterprise will be available at all major digital stores Spring 2018.

Watch Your Style

As you can probably tell the video for Your Style was a proper laugh to make

We were gassed to be on set with superstar Seann Miley Moore and mega excited to have Lady Gonzalez play a cameo role as our comical audition assistant. With so many different looks in this vid the styling had to be on point. We collaborated with our fave London Stylist, Celia Arias, to help create the looks, which we totally love, hope you love them too.

Check all the sick images captured on set by our bad gal photographer Emma Joanne


We love our creative team shouts to:
Ashka Kedziora – Camera / Celia Arias – 1st AD / Wolfe – Wardrobe / Lisa Mulas – Makeup / Dagmar Bennet – Location / Wills Ballamy – Post Production Producer

Big-up all the fab designers who gave us their threads:
Lady Gonzalez / Sera Ulger Ldn / Therapy Recyclexorcise Berlin / Lady Lucie Latex

Thanks also to:
Undergroundshoes / Missguided / Emma Joanne Photography

Resist Against Violent Enterprise is the new album collaboration from My Bad Sister & Danger Marc

“A 12 Track, Punk, Pop, Rave, Banger”

Out Spring 2018

We call it a Cabarave!

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